Access to Justice in Ethiopia

Action lines: Legal assistance to victims






Currently FIBGAR has two projects in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia. The first of these projects is to give the High Court of Adigrat and Wukro laptops and desktop computers, photocopiers, printers and tin screens to create shaded spaces for the court hearings, to offer an effective and efficient judicial service to society and thus enhance the public confidence. The beneficiaries of this project, in addition to the judges, registrars, statesmen, development planners, transcribers, translators, clients and departments of the eastern part of the National Court, are the citizens. The second project aims to expand the legal knowledge of society, to protect the rights of vulnerable groups and to improve the city judicial system. The beneficiaries of the training processes are street children, elders, disabled, prosecutors, judges, social workers, leaders of associations of women and youth, social courts, municipal representatives and local police.