Our projects

The Baltasar Garzon International Foundation conducts several projects in various parts of the world, always with a maximum: the respect for Human Rights and Universal Jurisdiction, ensuring that the needs of the weakest are covered and protecting and guaranteeing the rights of victims.

We follow several lines of action in our projects:

training projects on Human Rights . It is necessary and essential especially to form the new generations in Human Rights and Universal Jurisdiction. So, FIBGAR conduct summer courses at the University of Jaén in Torres, organizes lecture cycles and conferences, and has a documentation center on these issues.

Projects of legal assistance to victims. We want the victims to see fulfilled their rights to truth, justice and reparation. To do so, we collaborate with the Government of Morelos (Mexico) in the design and enforcement of its law of victims, promote a Truth Commission in Spain or work with the inhabitants of the Cañada Real Galiana, among others.

Projects related to the rights of indigenous peoples. Achieving respect for the rights and customs of indigenous and native communities is one of our priorities. In this regard, we work in different aspects in Latin America and fight for the declaration of the ethnic Hadzabe in Tanzania as world heritage.

Projects of sensitization and mobilization . For us is very important to spread the most important news and issues related to our action areas, as much as give voice to Human Rights experts and all victims of its violations. Illustrative of this are our television and radio programs, and shortly, the release of several books.