A Change Of Direction Fostering whistleblowing in Europe in the fight against corruption

Action lines: Awareness and mobilisation

Status: Finalizado

Place: Unión Europea

Beneficiaries: Unión Europea, Estados Miembros de la Unión, Ciudadanía Europea

Budget: 712.675,98€

Collaborators: Unión Europea
Università di Pavia
Aix-Marseille Université
Blueprint for Free Speech
Latte Creative


A Change of Direction promotes the creation of a protection framework to ensure the whole integrity of whistleblowers in the European Union and its member states. This project is the recognition of their role in the fight against corruption and the strengthening of democracy through transparency. The legal and institutional instruments are analyzed to further attain a comprehensive treatment of the issue, as well as the disclosure of unlawful processes and the different social contexts of the Union.

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